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For Your Pleasure & Questionable Behaviour

For Your Pleasure

Poker machines—harmless amusement devices provided for your pleasure and relaxation in almost every pub and club across the country? It has been argued so. They can take your spare change, perhaps your wages. They could take your car or even your house. For John Edwards, however, the stakes quickly and unexpectedly became much higher!


Questionable Behaviour

When two small-time crooks reluctantly agree to work off their debt to Eddie (Nails) Madden—the local drug peddler and would-be crime boss of the area—they soon learn that things aren’t quite as they were led to believe. Morris is nobody’s fool, possessing a keen understanding of human nature and an inherent sense of natural justice. It will require a good deal of intelligence and a measure of cunning, too, if events are to be steered toward a favorable outcome.

But then there’s his buddy, Spider.


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A Montage of a Mauve Reality: A Collection of Unusual Short Stories

The Busker

Just another wandering minstrel?


Locomotive Breath

Not only a great song by Jethro Tull but also a frantic day-in-the-life story when it all just seems to go wrong.


Dark Gallery

We all have regrets, don’t we? What happens to all those bad memories when we keep them suppressed?


Seeds of Dissent

The function of government is to facilitate the democratic view of what an ideal society ought to be, but how do our younger citizens feel about the decisions being made? After all, today’s decisions do become their inheritance.



Honesty and integrity—still admirable traits in modern society, or has it become acceptable to trade them off in the pursuit of wealth, success, and self-gratification?


The Gravity of Elm’s Situation

For every life a separate reality.


Nineteen thought-provoking stories on almost as many subjects!


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Trouble in Monarto

In 1970 the Labor-led South Australian government headed by Don Dunstan was concerned that Adelaide would become overpopulated. To decentralize government, population, and commerce, it was proposed that another city should be built east of Adelaide. They named it Monarto.


Monarto was to become a new city that would work as a satellite city to Adelaide, and since it was far enough away, it was important that Monarto would have its own identity and economy.


This made it difficult to define what kind of city Monarto was supposed to be.


A fast-paced urban adventure through the streets a milieus of Monarto, a harborside metropolis where economic decline, government apathy, and social discontent are the prime ingredients of a city in trouble. Add to this a despotic crime boss intent on mischief on an international scale and a new and highly addictive substance being traded on the illicit drug market, and trouble edges ever closer to being a crisis.


So what possible reason could an ex–special operations soldier turned professional thief have for tackling what a corrupt Australian government prefers to ignore, and what type of people have courage enough to take part in this crusade?


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Small children frolic delightedly in the shallows as a languid shore break washes the white sands with an incoming tide. Parents and other adults stand, cooling themselves in the deeper water, or sit beneath brightly coloured beach umbrellas staring out across the blue-green gulf waters, occasionally marking the progress of a power boat speeding across the sparkling surface like a skipping stone; the slap of water against its hull and the resonating drone of twin outboards following, time-lagged and out of sync.

Others seek shelter from the sun beneath the jetty, and there between the wooden pylons resembling some ancient, weathered colonnade laze contentedly in its shadow. Some engaged in idle conversation, perhaps of a domestic nature, a tidbit of gossip or news of an upcoming social event or repeat listlessly the rhetorical question so many others had asked during the past two weeks. How much longer can this heat last?



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